Monthly Archives: April 2016

Stand Up!

black and white image child yelling in microphone

Stand Up: How we are teaches children how to be. If you are parenting a young equity advocate, this 30-second video is a must see: Two-thirds of gifted students (cognitive outliers, creatives, empaths, change-makers, highly sensitives, etc. – pick whichever label suits you) have experienced bullying by eighth grade (Peterson, 2006), which is more than […]

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RISE: An Anthem for Changemakers

Solstice Sunrise on Mt. Sanitas

Poetry is a winding creek path from your inside out, Reflecting light; A reminder Only you define you. Every day holds the gift of choice. Even when the wind blows with all his might, water keeps her steady course. Heart knows true north. When you listen, what guides? Kindness? Equity? Courage? Actions born from love […]

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How We See Teaches

girl from chile

One day after school, one of our second graders, Tamara, approached me and asked, “Why would a teacher ask me a question that a book already explains the answer to?” Brilliant or Annoying? I saw a curious, confident critical thinker who was pushing everyone’s thinking. The teacher at her previous, highly-acclaimed neighborhood school saw a […]

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