September 8, 2016

Redefining Gifted – “This is Genius!”

If you have not already seen “This is Genius,” watch it now – we promise it will bring joy and a welcome reminder of the beauty in each and every human being. The short and inspiring performance reflects SoulSpark’s belief in the Power of One.

Genius is knowing everyone can do honorable work.

Intelligence and success are culturally defined constructs.

Many among us have experienced the magic of diverse communities which believe in the Power of One Principle – places where each individual is empowered to bring their best self forward and the collective good is prioritized. One way to begin shifting school culture in the direction of inclusivity is by celebrating students excelling in non-traditional, untested subjects in the same way as learners achieving at high levels in core classes such as math, literacy, science and social studies. How about the student musician who writes a lullaby for her baby brother? The eco-conscious young chef who makes breakfast for his mother working two jobs? Or the performance poet inspiring with shared vision like in “This is Genius?” How can we challenge ourselves to provide new channels for these students’ invaluable contributions?

In inclusive learning communities, all are held in a circle; there is nowhere to hide or get lost. Likewise, equal is not equitable. Each of us has beautiful layers of complexity – unique cognitive, academic, physical, social, creative, emotional and spiritual strengths and sensitivities. When woven together, these variant threads make for a strong, resplendent community tapestry.

Today we take a moment of gratitude to recognize the seeds of peace and love “This is Genius” plants.

Shine On,

Team SoulSpark