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To empower youth changemakers and the educators who care for them.

About Dr. Kate

From a family of educators, Kate is a mother who has been teaching and learning alongside children and teachers for as long as she can remember. Her parents were pioneers in holistic education; her father taught world history and psychology at the high school level and her mother taught kindergarten.

Kate was awarded a full scholarship to University of Colorado-Boulder for her Master’s in Education with an emphasis in Educational Equity and Cultural Diversity. She graduated in just over a year with a 4.0 while working and raising two young children. In addition, Kate has a doctorate in Curriculum and Instruction with an emphasis in gifted from the University of Denver where she attended on a dean’s scholarship. Her dissertation focused on what IS working in practice to support diverse gifted youth in thriving.

Prior to launching SoulSpark, Kate co-led the successful opening of a K-8 IB World school with a holistic vision for educating gifted and creative learners. She is dedicated to establishing inspiring, diverse, inclusive and sustainable learning communities where children and educators thrive. She collaborates with curious children, parents, educators and clinicians to continually evolve practices. Kate also serves as president of the board of directors for SENG (Supporting Emotional Needs of the Gifted).

  • Presentation Topic Examples:
  • Emotional Development (The Heart of EQ)
  • Growing Changemakers

  • What Gifted Learners Need to Thrive

  • Get Gifted – Introduction to Giftedness

  • Healing from Trauma in the Classroom

  • Girls Leadership
  • Identifying Historically Underserved Gifted Students 
  • Leadership Practices that Empower  
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Dr. Kate Bachtel

Learner, Educator and Equity Activist

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Mind Matters Podcast

Featured Guest on Inaugural Episode:

A Vision for Gifted Education

Recent Publications (book chapters)

Bachtel, K. (2017). The Heart of It: EQ Skill Gaps Contributing to Underachievement. In Klingner, R. (Ed.), Gifted Underachiever (pp. 93-119). Huntington, NY: Nova Science Publishers.

Bachtel, K. (2017). Emotional Intelligence for Achievement and Well-being: SoulSpark’s The Heart of EQ. (monograph). University of Denver, Colorado.

Recent Publications (invited articles)

Bachtel, K. (2018). We are Our Environment: The Eco-System of Gifted Development.  

Bachtel, K. (2018). Sparking Leadership in Gifted Girls. Parenting for High Potential. National Association of Gifted Children.

Bachtel, K. (2017). Trauma: A Call for Collaboration. 

Bachtel, K. (2015). Inclusive Communities Say "No."

Bachtel, K. (2014).  Your Learning Path: A Framework for Creating and Considering Learning Environments.

Bachtel, K. (2014). The Power in Sensitivities.

The Washington Diplomat

Interviewed for and quoted in

Minority Students Underrepresented in Gifted Programs

By: Carolyn Cosmos