Innovative Services and Programming

The amount of positive change we can affect is tied to both individual and community health. SoulSpark provides development data and co-creates learning opportunities so ALL thrive.

learner guide
Custom Learner Guides

SoulSpark transforms how we see children and each other.

SoulSpark learner guides were designed to support educators and parents in sharpening their ability to be responsive to the variety of factors influencing each child’s development to increase student self-awareness, achievement and relationship quality. The framework is base on more than 20,000 hours of experience serving exceptional children, educators and parents in a variety of classroom and school settings.

Emotional Intelligence (EQ) And Cognitive Development (IQ) Assessments & Coaching

We use the WISC V for IQ and Six Seconds tools for EQ assessment.

Extraversion and popularity are often confused with EQ. Understanding specific EQ skills and competencies enhances communication and collaboration among educators, parents and students. Approximately 50% of the variance in life outcomes correlates with EQ scores making emotional development of critical importance. 

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Instructional Design

SoulSpark supports schools and other community organizations in developing and implementing programming responsive to the unique strengths and sensitivities of social justice champions. We have expertise and proven experience supporting schools and non-profits through strategic planning and the change process.

We also host professional development learning experiences in partnership with schools, parent groups & community organizations. Frequent topics include:

  • Student Emotional Development (SoulSpark’s The Heart of EQ session has been so successful an article will publish on it in 2017)
  • Growing Changemakers
  • Gifted 101: An Introduction to Understanding Cognitive Outliers
  • Leadership Practices to Support Empowerment
  • Supporting Healing from Trauma in the Classroom
  • Identifying Historically Underserved Gifted Students
  • Girls Leadership