Innovative Services and Programming

Our evidence-based programming and services support each in thriving.

So Each Thrives

Students who receive meaningful instruction responsive to their developmental complexities are prepared to lead healthy lives and be agents of positive change. The SoulSpark Learning approach to instructional design prioritizes educator well-being and considers the interdependent aspects of development that impact life outcomes. This full day workshop is for educators looking to: 1.) Grow as leaders in designing instruction responsive to the nuances of student development. 2.) Connect with bright educators who are both scientists and artists creatively applying the latest research in practice. 3.) Learn new strategies, tools and practices to integrate into the classroom. 4.). Be more effective agents of positive change. 

Next Event: January 26th in Denver Metro (see details, including scholarship application, on our events page).

Gather 15 or more educators and we will come to you!

When School Does Not Fit

The SoulSpark Learning™ approach supports eight aspects of development that have a significant impact on life outcomes (intellectual, emotional, sociopolitical, creative, eco-literacy, multicultural, physical and spiritual) and is informed by 25 years experience serving exceptional youth and educators, as well as through formal IRB approved research.

Whether you are new to homeschooling or looking for a plan to help your student recover from an oppressive or traumatic school experience, we can shine a light on alternative learning paths to explore.

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To Celebrate Exceptional Practices

SoulSpark Learning’s™ strengths focused, participatory approach identifies and builds upon exceptional practices and supports educators in talking about the science behind their instructional choices. In focusing on the positive, we help accelerate growth.

Please contact us for an in-depth proposal outlining the process. Pricing contingent on a number of factors, including school size and project scope. Please note that we only take one program evaluation project on at a time. Contacting us early will increase the chances we can accommodate your schedule, especially if your organization is seeking to align the program evaluation with the strategic planning process.  

To Share & Integrate New Practices & Strategies

We coach, consult and host professional learning experiences in partnership with schools, parent groups & community organizations. Frequent topics include:

  • The SoulSpark Learning Model: What Exceptional Youth Need to Thrive (an evidence-based approach informed both by IRB approved and published research and practice)
  • Student Emotional Development (The University of Denver published an article on SoulSpark’s The Heart of EQ session in 2017)
  • Growing Changemakers
  • Gifted 101: An Intro to Cognitive Outliers
  • Leadership Practices to Support Empowerment
  • Identifying Historically Underserved Gifted Students
  • Girls Leadership
  • Individualized Instruction: Beyond Academics to Life Outcomes
  • Healing from Trauma in the Classroom
When Educators Thrive, So Do Students!

Our team travels to you to host replenishing retreats ranging from one hour to a full day. Each event is custom designed based on the strengths of the specific community. Educators are supported in their personal development, in growing their self and community care practices and expanding their support network (both with other experts in the fields of education and psychology and with wellness practitioners).

Sessions starting at $250 depending on school size, needs, etc. An excellent gift for parent teacher organizations to share with the teachers in their community!

SoulSpark Leanring also hosts an annual Student & Educator Well-Being Design Retreat with expert gifted educators, clinicians and non-profit leaders. We engage community leaders’ diverse strenghts to explore what IS working in practice and innovate from there.

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In Memory of Ted Wachs, To Honor Bright Educators

Ted Wachs joyfully taught world history, psychology and geography and coached student athletes for 46 years. He was a pioneer in holistic education who influenced the SoulSpark Learning approach to instructional design.

Each year we celebrate at least one educator who shares Ted’s passion for teaching through a $400 award named after him. Why $400? Ted recognized the wisdom in indigenous education practices oriented by the four directions. Beginning in the east, educators first cultivate feelings of belonging among EVERY students. The final direction, north, represents generosity, the measure of a good education.

Keep an eye out for the call for nominations that will publish in October.

To Free Both the Oppressed & the Oppressor

A transformative one day conference event highlighting boots on the ground educators and clinicians who excel at serving society’s most vulnerable youth including students who qualify for free and reduced lunch, youth of color, LGBTQ and neuro-diverse youth. The call for proposals will publish in October of 2019 and will focus on issues related to equity, social justice and anti-oppressive practices.  The event will be held in late July of 2020 in Denver metro. Details coming soon!

Because Student Voices Should Be Central

Beginning in 2020, SoulSpark Learning will host regular student education reform activist summits to engage student perspectives, ideas and leadership skills in school reform initiatives.

We will host a pilot event on Novmeber 11th, 2019. More to follow!

To Move from SMART to Intelligent Goals

In the state of Colorado, each student who is identified as gifted, is mandated to have an Advanced Learning Plan (ALP) that includes at least one academic and one affective goal. For a variety of reasons (including educators having unrealstic case loads), not all ALPs are high quality. SMART goals are best practice, yet are not a guarantee a students will be challenged and nurtured. For this reason, SoulSpark Learning created an ALP Guide to support evidence-based practices and streamline processes. Included is a menu of strategies to support the development of different emotional skills. As academic goals are project based, the resulting work samples can be used as part of a body of evidence to identify gifted youth, especially when there is a mismatch between student strengths and test design. The ALP guide can also be used as a homeschooling foundation.We are happy to provide this resource to our community. Please email if you would like a copy. In return, please consider taking the brief survey that accompanies the guide to help us better understand use of the tool and to support grant writing efforts.