Innovative Services and Programming

The amount of positive change we can affect is tied to both individual and community health. SoulSpark provides development data and co-creates learning opportunities so ALL thrive.

learner guide
Custom Learner Guides

SoulSpark Learning transforms how we see children and each other.

SoulSpark learner guides were designed to support educators and parents in sharpening their ability to be responsive to the variety of factors influencing each child’s development to increase self-awareness, achievement and relationship quality. The SoulSpark Learning™ approach monitors and supports eight aspects of student development in practice (intellectual, emotional, sociopolitical, creative, eco-literacy, multicultural, physical and spiritual) and is informed by 25 years experience serving exceptional children, educators and parents in a variety of educational settings, as well as through formal IRB approved research.

Emotional Intelligence (EQ) And Cognitive Development (IQ) Assessments & Coaching

Cognitive and emotional development data is another key to the personalized learning puzzle.

Extraversion, charisma and popularity are often confused with EQ. Understanding specific EQ skills and competencies enhances communication and collaboration among educators, parents and students. Approximately 50% of the variance in life outcomes correlates with EQ scores making emotional development of critical importance. 

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Instructional Design & Program Evaluation

SoulSpark Learning coaches educators and learning communities in developing, implementing and evaluating truly individualized instruction informed by the evidence-based SoulSpark Learning™ approach.

We also host professional learning experiences in partnership with schools, parent groups & community organizations. Frequent topics include:

  • The SoulSpark Learning Model: What Exceptional Youth Need to Thrive (an evidence-based approach informed by both research and practice)
  • Student Emotional Development (The University of Denver published an article on SoulSpark’s The Heart of EQ session in 2017)
  • Growing Changemakers
  • Gifted 101: An Intro to Cognitive Outliers
  • Leadership Practices to Support Empowerment
  • Identifying Historically Underserved Gifted Students
  • Girls Leadership
  • Individualized Instruction: Beyond Academics to Life Outcomes
  • Healing from Trauma in the Classroom